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Sweet Dreams Color Me Happy

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Twinkle, twinkle little Star,

Do you know how loved you are?

Coral and ochre - the colors of upcoming summer.

Late warm sunsets, summer-scented colorful flowers, happiness and energy.

Wrap full of handdrawn moons, stars, dreams and peace.

All in new type of weave - the softest and cushy double weave. Incredibely versatile, will suit you for a very long time

73% combed cotton

27% wetspun linen

double weave

gsm approx. 300

designed and made in Poland

This wrap is cut and sewn after placing an order

size chart:

rs - ringsling, 2m

size 4 - 3.6m

size 5 - 4.2m

size 6 - 4.6m

size 7 - 5.2m

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