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Rainbow Winter Paths

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Winter walks filled with warmth, despite the frosty weather.  Snowflakes falling from the sky, snow creaking under the shoes, love and joy and family time. 

These moments inspired me to create this wrap.

A shadow of the frozen ground, visible here and there from under the snow.
Grey wetspun linen with a natural shine, strenght and structure, full of nubs and slubs combined with the softest creamy combed cotton.

This blend is versatile and will comfortably suit you and your baby for a long time.

49% wetspun linen

51% combed cotton

gsm. approx 280

designed and made in Poland

This wrap is cut and sewn after placing an order

size chart:

rs - ringsling, 2m

size 4 - 3.6m

size 5 - 4.2m

size 6 - 4.6m

size 7 - 5.2m

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