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about & values

Ruby Wraps is a brand with minimalist, inspired by nature and sustainable woven slings which combines beauty, functionality and the highest quality. Our wraps are versatile, designed and made to serve for a long time.   

   1  sustainability

Ruby Wraps are made in a sustainable and zero-waste way. Slings are mostly done at one place, in our studio, to reduce transport and its negative impact to the environment, made in a limited quantity and any remaining scraps are used for accessories. Packaging that comes with your wrap is recycable and biodegradable

   2  collect beautiful moments

We believe it's important to remember and capture every little second of everyday life.

   3  closeness and selfcare

Wearing your baby in a sling is a perfect way to enhance a bond and closeness between you and your Little One. It also lets you take care of yourself by providing free hands and makes it easier to be a parent without giving up on your passions or dreams.

   4  connection to nature

Nature constantly inspires us and has a big influence on our daily choices.


        My name is Patrycja and I’m standing behind

Ruby Wraps.

Using my experience in motherhood and babywearing,

I want to create unique minimalist products that combines nature, functionality, beauty and the highest quality.

A sling is so much more
than just a product and a piece of fabric.

There’s nothing closer to nature than a possibility to hug your biggest treasure.

It’s a possibility to be close in happiness and in a worse times.

During the entire process of creation and production, very important to me is the source of used yarn, its safety for the baby and the highest quality.

This is why I sew each sling by myself with great attention to details. All the wraps are made from natural yarns.


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