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My Story

Ruby Wraps is a brand with minimalist, inspired by nature and sustainable woven slings which combines beauty, functionality and the highest quality. Our wraps are versatile, designed and made to serve for a long time.   




My name is Patrycja and I’m standing behind Ruby Wraps. Using my experience in motherhood and babywearing, I want to create unique, minimalist products that combine nature, functionlity, beauty and the highest quality.

Sling is so much more than just a piece of fabric.

During the entire process of creation and production, the source of used yarn, safety for the baby and highest quality is very important to me. There’s nothing closer to nature than a possibility to hug your biggest treasure. 

This is why I sew each sling all by myself with a great attention to details. Every wrap is made from natural yarns.




Ruby Wraps are made in a sustainable and zero-waste way. Slings are done at one place, in my studio located in Kraków, Poland, to reduce transport and it's negative impact to the environment, made in a limited quantity. Remaining scraps are used for accessories. Packing that comes with your wrap is recyclable and biodegradable.

Connection to nature

Nature constantly inspires me and my family. We really believe in living slow & sustainable life close to nature, caring for it - that's what we'd like to teach our kids too. Mother Nature has very big influence on our daily choices.

Collect beautiful moments

After a nine moths of pregnancy, you're finally able to see your little miracles for the first time. That's the new beginning. While we're usually waiting for the first milestones, we often tend to forget these simple moments, they passes by very quickly, unnoticeable. Every little second is worth remembering for a lifetime.


Happy mama is a happy baby.
Welcoming your baby to the world is a massive change.
In these moments, it's worth taking care of yourself, your space, passions and well-being.

All you need is a while for yourself,
regardless of whether you like a warm coffee drunk in peace, a good book or a walk alone.


Tiny, little fingers gripping your hand; hugs, laughs, cuddling up.
Being close to your baby is a wonderful time which helps to build a bond, regulate emotions and affect many aspects well.